Hi and thanks for you interest in the tag production roles I have going. Here's a brief run-down of what is required and then how to send me a message:


Toughtags makes and sells pet ID and luggage tags based on US military dog tag plates. These are personalised to a customer's specifications and then housed in a bespoke rigid plastic casing with a ring or cable according to the product ordered. Orders will be received online via a number of different channels (eg Toughtags.com website, Etsy, Amazon etc).

The machines used to stamp the tags are fairly compact (around the size of a large desktop printer) and will be attached to a laptop or computer along with a label printer, all of which will be supplied. The computer will run software specifically written to process the tag orders and is fairly simple to use once you've had a few hours training.

Once complete orders are then put into a padded envelope and a label will be generated from the system being used - these will need to be sent out at the end of every day.

This role is entirely home-based, and I'm fairly flexible on where you live in the lower 48 so long as you have decent internet, decent mail services and a little bit of space to devote to this. As mobility is not a particularly big issue, veterans who may have a degree of injury might also be suitable depending on the necessary dexterity to manipulate the tags and attachments etc.

The business has been operating in the UK for some years but is now in the process of US incorporation.  



Communication with customers

Customer service is a key part of the business and messages need to be responded to in a timely manner. Usually there is very little that customers ask as the site is so obvious but nonetheless a friendly and respectful tone is required for all communication. On some sales channels (eg. Etsy) it is possible for customers to mistakenly order something that cannot be produced, for instance a ! character or perhaps too many letters on a line. In these instances to be able to move forward with the order you will need to message the customer using an email template and offering a suggested new tag layout for approval. I will also have access to all message services and can act as a point of escalation if required.


Stock control and production preparation

You will need to keep on top of how much stock you have and give me enough notice to be able to resupply you with components. These will be delivered via courier so your home situation needs to be capable of receiving parcels safely and securely. Some preparation work is also required with the components prior to production - for instance the tags need to be examined one by one for scratches and to ensure they are the correct way up before putting in the machine hopper.


Production and order management

Actual making of the order, checking it against the customer's request, affixing the correct postage and then updating the online system. Completed packages will need to be put into the mail system on a daily basis.



On an infrequent basis, some minor adjustments need to be made to the tag machines to ensure optimum performance. In the case of significant issues, the machine may need to be shipped to an engineer (in the US) to be returned ASAP. I am also looking at attempting to have a spare machine in circulation to assist with continuity.



To be paid at $3 per tag. At a comfortable pace 10 per hour is easily acheivable so I would expect an equivalent hourly rate to be in the region of $25-$35. There will also be an hourly rate of $25 for some ad-hoc admin work that needs to be done from time to time. The intensity and volume of orders will build over the course of the year once the groundwork is established.


Get in touch

If you want to drop me a line to let me know you are interested please do by emailing vets@toughtags.com with your resume and current situation along with why you think you'd be a good fit.