Tough tags for tough people


Customise Your Tag

Luggage Tags

Make sure your personal details always go with your bags by attaching our virtually indestructible luggage tags. Don't make do with a flimsy card label from your airline - upgrade to a stainless steel permanent metal tag that will always stand up to the rigours of your travels. Choose a housing colour that matches your style.

Identity Tags

If it's not attached to you and you can't afford to lose it, you need it tagged. Make sure your stuff stands a fighting chance of finding its way back to you by attaching one of our robust tags to whatever you need to have your details on.

Kit Tags

Always know what's yours at a glance with a highly visible tag for your kit. The stainless steel construction means that just about any situation will be survived - and the deeply embossed text means that no amount of damage will wear it off.

And if you've got kids, they will love the look on their gear too - perfect for standing out from the crowd when you need to know who owns what in a hurry.

Luggage Tag
  • Military plate

    Indestructible stainless steel military dog tag plate embossed using ex-military equipment

  • Colour coded

    Choose a coloured Toughtag housing to match your style

  • Cable

    High tensile strength 10cm (4") stainless steel cable with thumbscrew attachment

  • Personalised Text

    Write whatever you want. Max 5 lines per tag, max 13 characters per line.