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Personalized Luggage Tags

If you need a strong baggage tag and something to act as an easy identifier for your luggage to stand out from the rest of the carousel crowd, use a Toughtag.

Standard airline luggage tags are flimsy and insecure.... and do you really want a leather one? So it's time to upgrade to a military grade, stainless steel, permanently embossed metal luggage tag that will always stand up to the rigours of your travels.

You can customize and buy your luggage tag online using our simple tag generator below - and at the same time choose a colored housing that will suit your style and match your bags. They are great as suitcase tags, backpack tags, equipment tags or whatever else you can think of put them on.

Make sure your details will be securely attached in any environment with a Toughtag - the toughest travel tag you can buy.


For the ultimate in durability, style and information capacity it's hard to beat using a Toughtag as pet identification tag. Despite being lightweight the strength is exceptional, especially when used with the included T316 Marine grade stainless steel ring attachment - and as there is no way the text can be defaced or made illegible, your dog will always have a permanent marker to identify him or her.

Choose from one of our tag housing colours to match your dog's style and start personalizing your pet tag using the designer below - you can have whatever text you want on there so long as it fits within our tag dimensions.

Kids Bag Tags

Eye-catching and extremely durable, Toughtags make great personalised school bag tags. As well as being highly visible, they can hold all the information required to ensure that if your little one (or their bag) get lost there is always a way to get in touch and re-unite you.

So whether it's sports kit, a lunch box, backpack or keys, if your child might one day mislay something make sure there's a way of seeing it again with a Toughtag.

Customized Toughtag

Customized Toughtag

Customized Toughtag




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    What's included?

    Toughtag - breakdown
    • Military plate

      Indestructible T304 stainless steel military dog tag plate embossed using ex-military equipment. Write whatever you want, on up to 5 lines per tag

    • Cable Attachment

      High tensile strength 10cm (4") stainless steel cable with thumbscrew attachment. Included along with the ring attachment.

    • Ring Attachment

      Exceptionally tough T316 marine grade ring attachment. Perfect for animals, diving, or whatever else you can think of. Included along with the cable attachment.

    • Colour coded housing

      Choose a coloured Toughtag housing to match your style - this is our own unique design and you can't get it anywhere else.