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    It's time to upgrade your baggage tags to something more substantial. Based on US military issue T304 stainless steel dogtags and embossed with your details, these custom luggage tags will survive the toughest of travels or environments. Your text will be stamped permanently into the stainless steel plate meaing it is virtually impossible to deface, and will not scratch off over time like engraved metal. The colorful rigid plastic housing is tough enough to take the knocks of travel no matter what adventures you are following, and it's all held in place with a strong stainless steel cable attachment. If you're still using a piece of cardboad and elastic band at the airport, it's time for a change.

    Personalized Luggage Tags

    Your text, your way. You know what you want on your bag better than we do so customize it in whatever way suits you with the online text input system above.

    Names, numbers, emails, hashtags, addresses or anything else you can think of or need - what you see is exactly how it will come out on the tag. Our system will automatically locate your text centrally on the left, and you can have up to 14 characters per line. Get creative if you need something that doesn't quite fit - or split it across a couple of lines.

    If you can't type a particular character, it's because we don't have it on the machines to be able to stamp it.

    Golf bag tags

    Identify your golf equipment with a personalized golf bag tag from Toughtags. Completely weatherproof and durable, Toughtags make perfect golf bag name tags for the local course or a golfing trip abroad - and with a choice of colors for the tag housing available you can fit in with any style you have or make it stand out from the crowd.

    The permanently embossed stainless steel metal will never rust and cannot be defaced - with its military origins we can guarantee it will stand up to harsher environments than you will find in your nearest bunker!

    They also make great personalized golf gifts - highly usable yet completely unique and thoughtful, they are great if you are looking for a golf gift for dad or someone else in your life who would appreciate a permanent golfing gift.

    Kids bag tags

    Eye-catching and extremely durable, Toughtags make great personalised school bag tags. As well as being highly visible, they can hold all the information required to ensure that if your little one (or their bag) get lost there is always a way to get in touch and re-unite you.

    So whether it's sports kit, a lunch box, backpack or keys, if your child might one day mislay something make sure there's a way of seeing it again with a Toughtag.

    Toughtags - Indestructible Identification

    These tags were designed to stand the test of time and make sure your gear stays identified. The American military standard dog tag plate we use is made from T304 grade stainless steel with a matte finish.

    The rigid housing is our own bespoke registered design - a labour of love which took a year to perfect and you can't get anywhere else.

    Reputation is key for us too - our Etsy store has several thousand sales and an average rating of 4.97/5.00 so we must be doing something right .


    What just a few of our customers have fed back to us:

    Liked this item so much, I ordered additional items for my other luggage

    Fabulous quality, great product, fast shipping - thank you

    The tags are solid and the plastic container is also rugged. Very fast production and shipping.

    Great job! Really like this as an option for my bags. Holds up well, where other tags get destroyed by bag handling.

    this is absolutely is small and light weight...perfect for my backpack...shipped on time ...excellent seller...and excellent product