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Dog tag for dogs

Dog tag for dogs

Dog tag for dogs




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    Dog tags for dogs

    Dog name tags don't have to be boring. They do need to do their job though - to be your dog's identification tag and not get scratched up, pull off or not keep up with the life of an active dog. Toughtags are up to the task - starting life originally as the basis for American military tags, the stainless steel plates are a perfect and indelible way to make sure your dog identification tag will always be there. Our bespoke rigid plastic housing complements your dog's style and will match up with any color combinations you have, and it's all finished off with an extremely tough marine grade stainless steel ring to attach to your dog's collar. The tags themselves measure around 2"(5cm) x 1.25"(3cm) plus the diameter of the attachment ring and are lightweight so suitable for all but the smallest dogs. Use the tag editor above to perfect your text and see how it will look.

    Military dog tags for dogs

    Toughtags aren't like other dog tags. Strength and durability are designed in from the start - we use a T304 military stainless steel plate which is permanently embossed using an ex-military machine. This stamping of the metal creates a phenomenally robust way of making sure your pet's details stay legible and unlike normal engraving can't be scratched or rubbed off. The rigid plastic case is specifically designed not to be able to slide off like standard military silicone silencers and locks the tag firmly in place. Perfect for military families or if you like the military style and want a finishing touch to a tactical dog collar.

    Quiet Dog Tags

    A silent dog dog is a difficult thing to achieve whilst still having the robustness a dog id tag needs. If you are in a situation where you need to keep dog tags quiet, the tough plastic housing surrounding our metal tags supresses the jingling and clanking into bowls etc significantly. The additional benefit is the volume of information it's possible to fit on there - with up to 5 lines of text, and 14 characters per line you should be able to fit everything you want. You can have phone numbers, addresses, names and even emails if you like. Just experiment above with the tag editor to perfect your dog's ID.

    The Best dog tags online

    Our unique dog tags can't be found anywhere else and are exceptionally highly rated by our customers with an average score of 4.98/5.00 (see our Etsy page). We've seen them used in specialist applications such as service dog tags or emotional support animal tags (ESA Tags) where a hard-wearing and easily legible tag is needed and can show a lot of information. Others just like the look of having some scratch resistant custom dog tags that are just different to the kind of thing that everyone else has. No matter what your situation, we are sure you and your pet will love the finished article. Want to see how yours will look? Just get customizing above!

    Indestructible identification for your dog

    These tags were designed to take some knocks and make sure your dog stays identified. The American military standard dog tag plate we use is made from T304 grade stainless steel with a matte finish.

    2 different ring styles are included - one with a tail and one without so you can choose the style you like best.

    The rigid housing is our own bespoke registered design and will NOT slip off like normal silicone silencers.

    We've worked long and hard to build up our 5 star reputation and have hundreds of happy reviews over on our Etsy store.


    The perfect dog tag for my sometimes perfect dog! Love that I can have my address on there....many tags are too small to include an address line. And I chose the pink color for my furry girl and it is just adorable. This tag is well made, very sturdy and it is easy to read the information. I just love it.

    This tag is AWESOME! I have a giant mutt that goes everywhere with me & many adventures & all the tags I would get that was “stainless steel” would get so scratched up you couldn’t read the info, within weeks! Now this bad boy tag gives me peace of mind that it will last!

    I can’t tell you how awesome these tags are- I bought 2 for each of my Boston Terriers. Super super fast shipping. Highly recommended !!!!