Horse ID Tag


Tough, weatherproof I.D. for horse and rider

Horse ID tag

Horse ID tag

Horse ID tag




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    Horse Identification Tags

    Given the importance and value of your horse, you need to be sure that he or she can be quickly identified if you are separated or they manage to escape. Moreover, the identification needs to be exceptionally hard-wearing, weatherproof and look good against your tack. Toughtags fulfil the brief perfectly - using maritime grade steels for total durability, with the text deeply embossed you can be assured that your details will stay with your animal no matter what mischief they get up to. Based on US military ID tags, the plate is housed in our custom designed rigid plastic casing which won't slip off and is available in a variety of colours.Two different ring styles are included - one with a tail and one without so you can choose the most suitable for your purposes.

    Horse Tack Tags

    Attach your tag to whatever equestrian equipment you want to keep safe. Perfect for busy stables with lots going on - you can instantly spot your tack with one of our highly visible tags. Choose a colour that matches your horse's personality, or to blend or contrast with your riding gear. The supplied rings are exceptionally strong and made from T316 marine grade stainless steel so there will be no degradation over time or any marking of your kit.

    The tough plastic housing is our own unique design and cannot be found anywhere else. Completely enclosing your tag, it is locked into place with the ring and is totally secure.

    There's plenty of room for whatever information you'd like to display so have a go on the editor above and get customizing.

    Horse Blanket tags

    Use a Toughtag to easily organize and identify your horses blankets. They are a permanent and classy way to do so and are especially useful in larger stables where kit ends up mixed together.

    The 5 lines of text on the tag can also be used to provide information about the equipment itself - for instance whether it is a light, medium or heavy blanket.

    Use the tag editor above to see exactly how the finished product will look.

    Horse and Rider I.C.E. Tags

    No-one likes to think about the bad times, but it pays to make sure you are prepared. Toughtags are a virtually indestructible way of ensuring emergency contact information is readily visible on both the horse and rider.

    There's plenty of room for phone numbers and even allergy information so if for any reason you become incapacitated, there's a clearly legible set of information for others to use to keep you safe.

    Have a go with the tag editor above to come up with your perfect ID tag.