Why Toughtags make the best dog tags for dogs

Why Toughtags make the best dog tags for dogs

More than just a dog name tag, our military style dog ID tags mean military grade identification for your dog.

Investing In A Dog ID Tag Is An Important Part Of Pet Ownership, But It’s Not As Simple as It Seems

Buying a pet ID tag seems like an easy enough decision; after all, it wouldn’t hurt to have one if your dog got loose or lost! Yet there are actually plenty of drawbacks and annoyances associated with traditional dog name tags. These includes a tendency to get damaged or lost, a risk of getting caught on things and pulling off, and a penchant for making a lot of irritating noise as a part of your dog’s day-to-day movements [1].

That’s why only about one-third of pet owners actually have their dog wear a dog ID tag [2]. When asked about this, people who don’t use any kind of dog tags for dogs — or who don’t use them all the time — complain that traditional dog name tags can be bulky, noisy, health hazards that end up annoying owners and endangering pets more than they protect them [1]. Plus, with the rising popularity of microchipping, people feel even more free to leave the collar (and all visible forms of pet ID tag) off.

Black lab tag

Why does a Pet Tag need to be Military tough though?

The fact of the matter is, a dog ID tag is absolutely intended to be the primary means of identification for your pet [1]. That’s true whether your dog gets out of earshot at the park, out of your hands on a walk, out an open door or window while you’re not home, or even gets picked up by good samaritans after a fire, flood, or another disaster. So you don’t need to decide whether or not to get a pet tag — just what kind of pet tag has the most benefits and least inconvenience for you and your dog.

At Toughtags, we make military-grade dog ID tags (literally dog tags for dogs), and in doing so we’ve addressed all the most common problems pet owners have with traditional dog name tag designs. We are able to ensure they’re function-focused, low-profile, and highly durable — just like real military gear. So dog owners won’t end up feeling annoyed, and dogs shouldn’t feel weighed down by any of the most common design flaws of traditional dog name tags.

  • The text won't rub off - because we emboss the text rather than engrave it, it's virtually impossible to deface the tags to the point of illegibility. We hear so many stories of active dogs wearing the text off their old tags and with ours it just isn't possible to do the same.
  • There's loads of room for information - you don't need to be restricted to just a name and number..... there are up to 5 lines on a Toughtag so you can add more information if you need to - address? Email? Vet?
  • The ring won't pull open - we use a special ring from the sailing industry to connect our tag to your collar. The marine-grade stainless steel never rusts and is phenomenally strong.
  • They're quiet! - because of the rigid plastic case surrounding the metal tag, jingling is reduced significantly, and they don't clank anything like as much against dog bowls.

Check out the Dog ID Tag page to see more and play with the online tag editor.

Is it worth buying a tougher Dog Tag?

If you are wavering on the idea of a tag at all, maybe you've seen the statistics - only about 15% of dogs will get lost [3]. And of the dogs that do get lost, 93% make it back home even though only a fraction of that number are identified via their pet tag (most come home because of good flyer/reward strategy) [4].

But if it's your dog that goes missing, you can be absolutely sure that you'll wish you had given them the best chance of coming back - it's no fun at all to lose a family member. That said, we haven't even touched on one of the best aspects of a Toughtag dog ID tag - they look awesome! They really are an unusual and unique style of pet ID and your dog will look amazing.

Toughtags are even tougher than you think

When you choose Toughtags dog tags for dogs, you’re investing in a high-quality product. We like to consider our dog ID tags “hard wearing” — that is, their stainless steel plate and rigid case make them incredibly durable and resistant to damage without compromising the appearance. The rigid case that holds our dog tags 100% solves one of the biggest problems that would normally apply to using military dog tags as pet ID tag - unlike the rubber rims that come on competitors’ products, our proprietary rigid case cannot just slide or roll off, so it keeps pet tags from clinking together or against food/water bowls.

To be clear - you can't buy these housings anywhere other than Toughtags as it's our own registered design and we own the only injection moulding die in the world that can make them. (If you want to read the story about how that all came about check out this blog post).

When it comes right down to it, our dog tags for dogs hold up exceptionally well to both rough-and-tumble canine activities and looking the business in an Instagram world. The design of these dog ID tags is uncommon; though other businesses make dog-tag-shaped dog ID tags, ToughTags makes literal dog tags for dogs. This difference is immediately apparent in the aesthetics and detailing of the product.  We set out to build a better dog ID tag, and we succeeded: Toughtags is the only company that sells such high-quality, authentic dog tags for dogs.

Convinced you yet? If so head over to the Dog ID Tag page and start customizing your own dog tag.